Equipment Rental & Sales

Equipment Rental & Sales

Sales & Rental Services is EQIN. EQIN offers an unmatched total range of rental, sales and training services through:

  • EQIN Rental (rental of professional equipment and temporary installations)
  • EQIN Sales (sales of professional equipment in welding, light and power)
  • EQIN Training (training and certification a.o. welding and pipe fitting)

How we add value:

We can offer you cost-effective solutions, because we both rent out and sell tools and equipment. At EQIN we are aware that we can only be your trusted partner if we have a comprehensive understanding of the sector in which you operate. Therefore we are specialized in Chemicals, Oil & Gas, Power, Shipbuilding and Steel construction.

We offer you the solution to meet the challenges in these sectors, tailor-made to your specific situation. You pay for effective use of the items you rent. And not for things you don’t need

We offer solutions for Projects:

  • We can offer you a solution that meets all your needs regarding tools, equipment and temporary installations;
  • Prior to each project we draw up a plan containing the best solution for your specific project;
  • We can adapt flexibly to your needs during implementation;
  • We focus explicitly on simplifying your administrative tasks.


  • We take a proactive approach to find the most profitable solution – whether rental, purchase, lease/Long Term Rental, overhauled second-hand equipment, or a combination of those options;
  • We can supply all the consumables and accessories required to work safely and efficiently;
  • At your request we will maintain and repair your equipment 24/7.

And the capability of your staff:

  • We develop both technical and personal competencies;
  • We carry out on-site diagnoses in order to identify opportunities to increase your employees’ productivity;
  • We recruit, select and train young technical talent;
  • We certify welding competences and we guide you in setting up and implementing welding procedures leading up to certification.

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