Power Services & Products

Power Services & Products

Complete suite of services & products for all your power generation needs

Stork’s Power Services & Products understands the complete Power Generation production process and its interfaces. We ensure you can achieve all your power generation requirements in a safe, efficient and cost-effective manner. Partnering with our clients, we deliver a wide range of services for Gears, Turbo Machinery, Turbine Components/Blading, Process Equipment (Thermeq) and Electric Equipment.

We combine high quality product engineering with the independent provision of in-depth asset integrity management. Our in-depth knowledge of brand-independent solutions allow us to re-engineer and manufacture components with the shortest lead time in the market available. By working closely with you from the very beginning, we are able to fully understand your requirements and develop a customised solution. Our creative and solution driven engineers assess your specific situation and develop solutions tailored to your requirements. Quality levels are discussed and agreed upon upfront. As a trusted partner with clear processes we are able to deliver on our promises.

As the leading experts in the water-steam cycle and related processes, we partner with our customers and provide an unrivalled range of assess, inspect, repair, maintenance and construction services. We work hard to understand the challenges you face, and work together with you to develop customised solutions that deliver real benefits. We have decades of experience in engineering, installing and maintaining business-critical equipment and processes throughout your asset.

Technology advances, a rapidly changing global market and ever more stringent environmental controls are bringing new challenges to the Chemical, Oil & Gas, Power and other important industries. That’s why the maintenance of electric machinery and the purchase of essential parts are a prerequisite for safe and reliable production. Stork acts as an independent service company for electric machinery, operating internationally with several service shops located in the Netherlands and Germany.

Comprehensive range of services

We offer a comprehensive range of services covering the following key areas:

  • Gears & Services
  • Turbo Machinery Services
  • Turbine Components
  • Thermeq services
  • Electric Equipment Services